Internet Security


We offer global standards of mid- or high-level IT security. This includes a fully managed firewall, content filtering and an automatically updating anti-virus for desktops and servers. Upon request, we will also provide a support team to check virus alerts to ensure your machines and network are clean from attack.

Internet Solutions

As your business grows, email management demands will keep growing. That’s why these benefits have been specifically crafted with you in mind:

  • Upgraded email service to ensure maximum user efficiency.
  • Proactive maintenance to minimize downtimes on business-critical applications.
  • Hassle free service delivery from experienced and skilled personnel.

Managed Services

Enjoy the benefits of bandwidth-intensive applications, cloud services, and communication tools with our range of connectivity services. Ethernet and fiber-optic networks provide high bandwidth capability and different performance options to suit your businesses.


Dedicated Internet Access

Deliver the super-fast, always-available connectivity that users expect in an increasingly interconnected digital and mobile environment. Our Internet access services give you a selection of guaranteed bandwidth packages to suit the demands of your business.