Thanks to our intelligent lighting control, the lighting in your home always understands when it’s needed. When you walk into a room, the appropriate lighting mood is immediately activated, taking into account the current amount of light.

Your Lighting Moods

Our lighting solution allows you to create fully unique lighting moods by combining different light sources. Each light source may be controlled independently, allowing you to be quite creative with your moods. Using spotlights as your major source of light and then LED tape to add accent lighting to the room can create a stunning contrast.
The range of functionalities you’ll have that ties into your system as a whole include:

Panic button


Dimmed light is not only soothing to the eyes, but it can also transform a space, making it feel cozier in many circumstances. In addition, it can help you save energy, which will lower your monthly energy cost.


Gentle Transitions

Our lights will softly fade between your lighting moods as you navigate through them, ensuring that no abrupt, unpleasant changes occur. This feature is also evident when lights are turned on; instead of instantly switching to 100% brightness, they will fade in.

Panic button

Used to inform

In the event of a water leak, a fire alarm, or a suspected break-in attempt, flashing lights can be employed to inform you. They can also be used instead of a doorbell to alert you when someone is at the door.


Presence Simulation

While you’re away (maybe on holiday/ work trip), your house, office, restaurant, or other establishment will not appear vacant to passers-by. Because it will imitate natural behavior, such as turning lights on and off as if someone was inside, it will prevent opportunistic intruders.


Energy Saving

If no one is in a room for a certain amount of time, the lights will switch off automatically to save electricity. Alternatively, a simple triple tap on one of our switches can turn off all the lights in a room.


Natural light considered

Your lights will turn on automatically based on your presence, but the amount of natural light in a space will be considered, so lights will only be switched on if absolutely essential.


Night Mode

If you need to go to the bathroom (or grab a snack) in the middle of the night, you’ll be met with softly dimmed coloured illumination. Just enough to lead you in the right direction, but not enough to startle you.


Wake-up Alarm

Why not be woken by light rather than sound? Light can gradually fade-in right before your desired wake-up time, softly waking you from your sleep.

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