Blind / Curtain Control

Blind / Curtain Control

Room Climate – Smart Heating & Cooling

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, curtains and even awnings can all be perfectly controlled with Altalyst Automation. Room getting too hot on a sunny day? The blinds will automatically come down to stop this.

Get your blinds to do more than just protect you from the sun.

Our intelligently-automated smart curtain system saves you from constantly having to adjust your curtains. However, that’s not all it does. It uses solar energy to heat your rooms cost-effectively, protects you and your privacy, automatically ensures comfortable temperatures and much more.

The features of our blind/curtain control include:

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Temperature Management

In the sunny season, your blinds will help to prevent your rooms from becoming too hot. In the winter, they will help keep some of the warmth in. This is all done automatically.


Flexible Groups

With Altalyst Automation you have the ability to group your blinds. Decide how many you want and what sets of blinds should go in each group – then you can control these groups as one.

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Safety around-the-clock

If you are on holiday your blinds will mimic your behavior to deter potential burglars. Also if there is an emergency whilst you’re in, the blinds will automatically raise to make escape routes more accessible.


Privacy Protection

At sunset, your blinds will automatically close to offer you some privacy from the outside world.


Child Lock

If you have young children, you can enable our Child Lock feature. This will temporarily disable the switches in order to prevent the little ones adjusting the blinds. Whilst this is enabled you can still operate the blinds via the app.


In perfect harmony

From music to security to lighting, with Altalyst Automation every aspect of your system will work hand in hand. This results in a harmonious ecosystem.


Wake up with light

Be gently brought out of your sleep by natural light – with Altalyst Automation your blinds will automatically raise in the morning to bring you out of your slumber.


Solar Optimisation

Your Altalyst Automation system will know where the sun is and what the temperature is. It uses this information to adjust the blinds and heat your rooms via natural sources – thus saving energy.

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