Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio


Multiroom audio allows you to play and control music in multiple rooms across your house. To decompress, you may play soothing music in the lounge while the kids listen to an audiobook in their rooms.

What was once thought to be impossible is now possible thanks to multiroom audio. Consider the days when the bedroom had a radio, the kitchen had a CD player, and the living room had a sound system. Transferring tunes from one room to another was nearly impossible. Multiroom audio systems eliminate these limits, allowing music to be freely transferred from room to room.

Our multi room audio system gives you great-sounding music however it also gives you a wide range of additional functionality.

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Fully integrated multi room audio

Music can be synchronized between rooms or played in each room separately using our Audioserver.


Alarm Notification

If an alarm is triggered, the Audioserver will immediately notify you by playing an alarm tone in all relevant rooms/areas. As a result, you’ll have as much time as possible to react.

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Voice Announcements

Individual voice announcements can be recorded fast and easily in the App and then broadcasted by the Audioserer in a defined zone. This can even be done from a distance.


Smart Doorbell

Unlike traditional doorbells, when someone rings the doorbell, the sound will be played continuously. If the children are in bed in a home situation, don’t worry; We will account for this and exclude their room from any notifications.


Text-to Speech

You can program predefined messages to be read to you in specific situations. Before you depart, for example, you might be informed whether you’ve left any windows open.


Gentle wake-up alarm

Music can help you wake up. Simply set your wake-up time, and music will begin to fade in to gently wake you up.


Intelligent Automation

Your favorite music or radio station will greet you when you go into a room. The music will then be switched off automatically after the room is no longer in use.


Music Switch Off

A double-tap on our Touch switches will turn off the music in any particular room, and a triple-tap will turn off all music in any area.


All under control

Entertainment devices can be combined in harmony with the rest of your multiroom audio system thanks to our integrated media control solution.

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