Security in a Altalyst Automation Smart Home is multifaceted: it protects against break-ins, protects occupants from danger such as fires or water leaks, guards the building and keeps your data private so you can relax and enjoy your time at home.

Altalyst Automation offers a multifaceted smart security system which is always looking out for you. It is constantly monitoring for water leaks, fires, burglars and much more. And the real beauty of it – a lot of the components needed for this are already being used for other features throughout your property so there isn’t much more you need.

Like an invisible shield, Altalyst Automation protects you from unwanted guests. It reliably detects intruders and reacts with highly conspicuous flashing lights and a loud siren sound to deter even the most determined of intruders.

In addition to protection from break-ins, our security system will protect you from other potential dangers, such as fires or water leaks. Should one occur, you’ll be immediately informed in multiple ways – a notification will instantly be sent to your phone; however, you’ll also be made aware by your lights beginning to flash. Also any blinds will be automatically opened to clear any escape routes.

Life is full of surprises, which by their very nature, occur when you least expect them. A Altalyst Automation system works to help alleviate the effects of those surprises. Burst water pipe? Just left and realized you left the door unlocked? Not to worry, you’ll be immediately notified so that you can take steps to quickly rectify the problem.

All personal usage data is protected by various firewalls and security mechanisms on the Altalyst Automation Miniserver. In addition, a Altalyst Automation system will even work without an internet connection. We take data privacy very seriously and protect our customers’ right to data privacy to the very best of our ability.

Panic button

Panic Button

A button can be configured to trigger an alarm with just one touch; bringing on bright flashing lights, raising the blinds and turning on the music full-volume.


Child Lock

If the children are at home alone, you can deactivate potentially dangerous devices such as the stove. You can also disable switches so that they cannot mess with the lighting moods.

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Presence Simulation

Whilst you’re away (on holiday perhaps), your home, office, restaurant etc will not look empty to onlookers. That’s because it will mimic natural behavior – turning lights on and off and adjusting the blinds as if someone was in; deterring opportunistic burglars.


Away Mode

When you leave, a triple-tap on a switch by an exit will activate Away Mode. This will automatically arm the burglar alarm.


Fire & Water

A fast reaction in the event of a water leak or fire can not only save your belongings but your life! If one occurs, you’ll be immediately informed to give you the best chance of avoiding any significant danger.


Always in view

With the Altalyst Automation app you’ll always be able to see live footage from your surveillance cameras or the intercom, regardless of where you are – giving you peace of mind whilst you’re away.

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Intuitive Control

You can easily activate your alarm via the app or with a simple triple-tap on a switch by an exit. You can also tie the alarm into part of ‘Night Mode’ and activate it with a triple-tap on your bedside switch.

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Alarm Zones

You can set as many alarm zones as you wish – they can then all act independently. For example, in a smart home when you go to bed only the downstairs alarm can be set, so you can move freely upstairs.

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Reduced False Alarms

To avoid false alarms, more than one Presence Sensor must be triggered (within a predefined period) for the alarm to progress to the next level. As a potential burglar is extremely unlikely to just set off one sensor.

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Logging Function

From directly within the Altalyst Automation App you’ll be able to see when windows were last opened or who has recently entered the property – which is great for parents wanting to know that their kids are home from school safely.

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Open Status

By informed via the text-to-speech function and/or a notification on your phone if a garage door is left open at night or a window is left open at the end of the workday.

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Delayed Alarms

Your alarm will not instantly activate when you set it (unless you want it to); instead, there will be a short delay to prevent you from accidentally triggering it on your way out.

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