About Altalyst Technologies

We aim to be the leading digital shop in East and Central Africa by continuously improving our products and services, through embracing state of the art technology in order to attract and maintain our customers
Who We Are
Altalyst Technologies has grown rapidly since 2012 and managed funds have grown from a zero base. In line with the increase in our customer portfolio under our management, our team has grown steadily to include some of the best technicians and young innovators in the market
What We Do
We anticipate acceleration in growth over the next 5 years with an increase in our core team and the network of consultants we use to deliver our services nationally.

Short Story About Our Company

Fibre Optics in Kenya
Due to the high demand of internet that resulted from the landing of the fibre optic cable in Kenya in 2009, most internet providers remained internet providers with less to offer in the solutions department.
Dan Nyambu launched Altalyst Technologies in October 2012, with an aim to provide cheap and affordable Internet to businesses in Kenya.
First services
Dan therefore found the need to indulge in providing solutions to businesses that required tailor made services. In 2012, Altalyst Technologies started providing digital solutions to businesses.
This attracted the need to also accommodate home based users as some clients required similar solutions at home.
Home solutions
In 2014, Altalyst Technologies, ventured into providing solutions at home. This further brought the need to automate some of these homes.
2017 -Now
With the constant innovation, tailor making and development of solutions, Altalyst Technologies has become a well-recognized digital solutions provider in the Kenyan Market.
Our Services

Let Everyone Know Why We Are the Best

Our solutions in cloud computing, connectivity, communications, data centres and security help organisations of any size, in any sector, to use technology effectively so they can do things better.
We have negotiated infrastructural contracts with some of the notable ISPs to provide internet services to end users.
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Get to supervise workers from home or observe high levels of security by signing up on our Alta Vision product
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Through our partners Purple WiFi, we are able to offer a digital marketing platform that gives analytics on customer behaviour on prodcut of services.
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With our offsite data backup solution, we store your data at a safe location on our network, protecting it from a wide range of threats.
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As your business grows, email management demands will keep growing. That’s why these benefits have been specifically crafted with you in mind:
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Our On-Site support IT solutions will provide you with full- time or part-time engineers that come to you and who are fully supported by a technical team back at our offices.
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We offer a reliable hosting option for your business with features of a large IT department without the costs of actually setting up one.
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We offer global standards of mid- or high-level IT security. This includes a fully managed firewall, content filtering and an automatically updating anti-virus for desktops and servers.
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Make your home or Office smart! We are able to equip our customers with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smart- phone or computer.
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Smart lock security
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Meet Our Professional Team

Our team is dedicated and motivated to provide quality service.
Dan Mlango
Dan Mlango
Dan Nyambu launched Altalyst Technologies in October 2012, with an aim to provide cheap and affordable Internet to businesses in Kenya.
Samuel Mutua
Support Engineer
Samuel Mutua
He finds solutions to problems with the products and help customers work through technical difficulties.
Peter Muhia
Finance Manager
Peter Muhia
He runs day to day operation on company's financial issues
Patience Kishagha
Patience Kishagha
Using her skills, experience and judgment, She must try to make the company a success by promoting and achieving its business objectives.
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